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About Us

Welcome to Harvard's Club!  We are a general on line store and, your number one source for trendy, in style, useful products for different aspects of life.  We offer a broad range of products for men, women and children and we offer some cool items for your lovable and adorable pets too.  We are dedicated to offering the very best in quality, with an emphasis on providing valuable customer service to meet our customers needs and desires.  Our focus is to offer unique, trendy, in demand goods that are a must have in today's world.

Harvard's Club was founded by Byron Hopkins, in November of 2016.  Byron has a passion for business that was first sparked as a teenager when he would cut grass and shovel snow for his parents and neighbors homes growing up in Philadelphia, PA.  Thru his passion and dedicated work ethic, it is his goal to create a Booming Online Store offering and distributing products all over the United States and abroad.  He truly believes in being inspired and inspiring others to take risk and and always striving to reach for your goals. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of products, as much as we have enjoyed creating a store and offering them to you.  Thanks again for visiting Havards' Club